The Community Initiative For Inclusive Growth & Smile

We believe that we need to strive for a sustainable growth in our society which should ultimately bring a smile on more faces especially to the people who belongs from weaker section of society. Anix Systems is committed to empowering the weak and deprived section of our society through Education hence the MISSON of CSR efforts are confined to Empowerment through Education. With this objective, we have launched a long-term integrated project with name of ABHILASHA.

ABHILASHA is a community intervention of Anix Systems to bridge the gap of quality of education in our society. This is an effort to narrow down the gap of quality of education and learning opportunity among the deprived section of society.

This project ABHILASHA is committed to enhancing the foundation and fundamentals of the children & Students belonging to SC/ST and economically weaker section of society. The Students & children belonging from the weaker section of society are unable to receive their education with modern infrastructure, facilities, learning intervention etc. This result in the quality of education, Communication Skill, English Communication, Confidence level. These factors do play a very important role in finding the employment opportunity.

ABHILASHA is oriented to run special programs and career counseling camps to enhance the skill & Attitude to underprivileged students. We empower the students with education and support them with placement opportunity with genuine employers.

Our mission

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  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days, weeks, or even months at a time

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After experiencing Anix’s services for years, I recommend Anix Systems Pvt. Ltd. without any apprehension to anyone. Their approach is very transparent and quality centered. Their flexibility according to my project helped me to gain the best results.

Ankush Sharma
President & Chief Executive Officer, Essline

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